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      Many neurodivergents find this a painful area to discuss, and rightfully so.  Work is such a personal subject for us.  As with learning, we work in order to change the world for the better.  The structural barriers to our participation keep us from serving our purpose so we either 1) find alternative channels to fulfill our purpose, and / or 2) become discouraged and helpless/hopeless about our circumstances. 

      It’s time to find our purpose and support each other in this pursuit.  No longer will we allow success be an exception for NDs nor will opportunity be kept from us behind societal barriers erected and protected by the educational system, governments and all other forms of societal institutions designed to keep us out. 

      Where do we go next? The world is changing, and we can be at the forefront of that change if we come together. Let’s get to work!

      Robert M Peacock
      Multiple Trait Neurodivergent, Self/Advocate for NDs

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