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      In my observations and personal experience, Neurodivergents often have a love/hate relationship with work. We hate the way work is structured and often so meaningless. It is designed in a box, to be repeated over and over. You sell your soul for a few dollars. We need more than that, not in monetary terms, but in terms of being human. Creating beauty, inspiring the soul, healing the sick, righting injustice. This is what our heart and mind cry out for in the work we do. We can’t conveniently set purpose aside without a significant cost to our soul.

      Why? We have been designed to be purpose, not profit, maximizers. Try anything else and you will feel like a sell-out. Like you have compromised your very design. Others may not have this problem, and so the world is designed out of synch with your internal makeup. The mistake we make next is trying to change that wiring – which predisposes us to think,feel and act – not to better selves but to be someone else. To transform from the hunter to the farmer. The damage is not always obvious in the short term, but when you try to put in what was left out … predictably bad things will happen. Bad things to the individual, to the work and to the relationships around us.

      Let’s do what we do best. Think differently, about work. How can we work differently, not simply receive accommodations to do the same repetitive and often meaningless work that is supported simply because it is formulaic and accessible. Instead, how can we create new work, work that leverages and develops our strengths while creating value for others. This does necessarily mean starting your own business but it does mean thinking in entrepreneurial (i.e. opportunity-driven) ways.

      Looking forward to the many ways forward explored by this community of neurodivergent minds. You will surprise the world and yourselves with what you come up!

      Robert M Peacock
      Multiple Trait Neurodivergent, Self/Other ND Advocate

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