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      In all of my research of academic articles, popular media and support groups, there has been an overwhelming focus on weaknesses in neurodivergence. It’s disempowering and depressing to hear this language on a continuous basis. Most importantly, it’s disrespectful, dismissive and discriminatory. It is present in our schools, government, healthcare, policing and every other facet of society. We often confuse discrimination for disabilty (an attribution problem). Change the environment, and the “disability” goes away along with the “co-morbidities”. We have been sold a narrative built on lies and biases about us, and many (including NDs) have bought into it. Sometimes we are so good they cannot ignore us, but mostly we are beaten down and break sooner or later. It’s time to change the narrative and direction for society as a whole. Let’s talk about it. And as we talk, let’s focus on positive actions moving forward.

      Together, we will change the world. Let’s start by changing how we see ourselves and our abilities.

      Robert M Peacock
      Multiple Trait Neurodivergent, Self/Advocate for NDs

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