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      This is a new forum space for neurodivergents from around the world to join in diversity and unity. A few guiding principles that will keep us on track in terms of the purpose of this platform and in service to our guiding vision and mission as a community in service to the world.

      1) We hope for, and anticipate, all kinds of minds on this forum. That said, we are here to address the injustices and discrimination against neurodivergence as part of a larger celebration of neurodiversity in service to our neighbours globally.
      2) Our focus and promotion is on positive differences, not pathology. In this sense, we are not a traditional support group – instead, something much, much better for many! This will take time for some to fully appreciate and I urge patience and kindness to and with all members here. If a contributor speaks from a medical deficit / pathology perspective, gently educate them. We have received enough abuse in the world, we don’t want to condone or support it here.
      3) Our work is not to declare rights, freedoms and inclusions to the detriment of others but to demand a resilient, broad form of neurodiversity that protects all kinds of minds. Since we as NDs have a minority role in society, it would be easy to dismiss our potential role and impact. Don’t! We have a valuable role to play, but it has been in too isolated a manner in the past. Let’s fix that and connect our voices here. We represent 20% of the global population, what do we collectively want to say … to each other and to the world?

      This will be an organic space for growth on topics as varied as we are, which will make for many interesting and broad reaching conversations. I would encourage you to bring areas that you are especially passionate about to the forum and invite fellow NDs to join us as well.

      Robert M Peacock
      Neurodivergent (ND) & Self/Advocate

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