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Neurodivergence brings transformation, creativity, emotional intelligence and diversity of experience to the world. Some of us flourish IN SPITE OF our environments or because of the help from a “system defender” – someone who protected us and advocated for us in the face of an unyielding and harsh system.

    Our call to action is to be that advocate for ALL neurodivergents, not just the lucky few. But to do that we need your help. A lot of funds today are, in our opinion, being misdirected to those who would have us conform to the neuro-majority at great psychological and emotional costs. Others would eradicate us altogether and eliminate any future variation in neurological makeup. This is deeply rooted in 19th and 20th-century medical work in the field of eugenics brought to the public’s attention through the horrors of active practice via genocide by the Nazis throughout the 1930s and ’40s (they also came up with an extensive focus on diagnosis and labels for autism and what would later come to be known as Asperger’s Syndrome).

     We cannot afford to repeat or even give the slightest accommodation for this mindset. And yet we are dangerously close to seeing it openly practiced once again if we do nothing. We must extinguish this flame of hatred that comes from an intolerance of any heterogeneity in society.

    Please consider supporting us so no child has to experience the soul-crushing realization that they are not welcomed in this world as they were created. Or the repeated hurling of insults and degrading efforts of teachers and professors to “bring students in-line”. Another form of dangerous and damaging behaviourism intended to alter and “shape” young minds, doing much damage for many in the process. Many are lost to their pain and hopelessness by adulthood and end up on the streets, in drug dens or the morgue. It explains perhaps not in full, but certainly many of the ills of society today.

    Thank you for caring about neurodivergents as humans first, and what they can contribute to society secondly. We appreciate your contributions and will work hard to multiply their impact many times over to eradicate these deep inequalities and intolerance in our lifetimes.

    There are three ways you can currently participate in advancing the NOMADS | United mission.


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Become a founding partner in our work to advance neurodiversity in the world.  This includes a  one-time contribution.  Contributors will be recognized according to donation levels. 

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Commit to being a sustaining partner in our work to advance neurodiversity in the world.  This includes a  monthly contribution.  You can then choose from different  benefits according to donation level. 

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We appreciate your support for our important work  in service to the neurodivergent community and society at large.  Together, we will change the world for the better.  This is our shared legacy.


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