We see you, we hear you, we understood you.  This is an opportunity to rise together.  Neurodivergents, this is our time to effect real change.  To change the world for the better for us and for everyone.  Read this love letter to fellow neurodivergents.




Let’s end social oppression against neurodivergents during COVID-19.  It’s time …


We all need to come together during this crisis, and this means understanding the needs and providing the right supports with equality in mind.  Each of us has something to contribute during this time.  Let neurodivergents come together and work alongside the rest of society to creatively address the many challenges associated with COVID and beyond.


Right now a lot of support has been provided for workers, disabled and those on social assistance.  And that provides for some neurodivergents, but most of us fall into a big gap between these groups.  This crisis has been an important spotlight on the invisible discrimination that has kept neurodivergents from accessing opportunities and resources equally with the larger neuro majority, the neurotypicals.  This is not right, and we have seen this happen before in history.  One rights activist has rightly noted that genocide didn’t start with the gas chambers.  It started with hate speech.  And exclusion.  Economic, social, educational, healthcare.  All kept on the outside in many subtle ways through systemic barriers. 


No direct help has come to date from any level of government for neurodivergents (they would say help for disability covers us, it doesn’t – many of us don’t qualify nor do we categorize ourselves as such), and even if help does come it will once again remind us that we are last … an afterthought, beggars at the table of society.   While we contribute much, we often receive little.


Fellow Canadians, we can do better.  Let’s demand support for the neurodivergents (ADHD, autistic, dyslexic, etc) who are discriminated first and always, and only suffer disability (e.g. anxiety, depression, etc.) often as a secondary impact of social oppression.   Stand up for neurodiversity and neurodivergents.  It’s the right thing to do, and economically / socially it’s the smart thing to do as this group represents the majority of creators and innovators.  Let’s stay strong together.  It’s through our diversity that we find true resilience as a broader community.


Here are some letters of appeal we have recently sent to the country’s and province’s leaders.  Please read and forward your own words of support for the neurodivergent community to the prime minister and premiers.



Please read and send these letters to your social media connections to spread the message and get people discussing the needs and proposed solutions. 



A special appeal to the church to come together.  To be one in Christ, this Easter and in the times to come. 

And to those who don’t know Jesus as a friend and Master yet, both Neurodivergent and Neurotypical, He calls you to Himself.