Our Vision

To see a world in our lifetime where all neurological differences are recognized and welcomed. To borrow from Temple Grandin, to create a future filled with “all kinds of minds” for a more resilient society.


Our Mission

TO create a world that unites and integrates a broad diversity of thinkers, marked by different neurological traits, THROUGH effecting systemic changes and providing transforming supports FOR the flourishing of neurodivergents and neurodiversity around the globe.


Our Values

We care about advancing the human rights and equal access to opportunities for all members of the neurodivergent community and to promote the benefits of neurodiversity for society at large. We will do this by uniting the efforts of all neurodivergents and forming an alliance with neuroconvergents and societal leadership.


Where do we stand today?

  • Being different is not automatically an advantage or disadvantage. It depends on the environment.
  • Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of all individuals.
  • Neurodiversity provides society with a resilience by being adaptable across differing circumstances and environments.
  • Pursue peaceful advocacy and activist resistance, where and when necessary.
  • Understand that disability is complex, may include fixed and temporary elements, and often is a result of trauma associated or conflated with discrimination (i.e. social model).
  • We reject the medical / deficit model of assigning poor functioning to neurodivergents according to an arbitrary set of standards (i.e. pseudo-scientific assessments). Neurological diversity is NOT pathology. Disease is pathology.
  • Learning and understanding is required by all societal stakeholders in order to expand our ability to grow and flourish as diverse thinkers, learners and workers.
  • No efforts are to be representative for our interests without our direct voice and participation. “Nothing about us without us.”


Our Founder, Robert M Peacock

NOMADS | United was inspired from the personal experiences of its founder, Robert M Peacock. On a journey of self and other discovery, Robert came to see himself first as ADD. As his learning and insight expanded from research into the perspectives of the academic, medical, civil and media worlds and connecting with others in support groups he further matured his perspective. He was not only an ADD, but a gifted multiply neurodivergent (ADD, autistic, dyslexic and dyspraxic). In borrowing from the title of Steve Silberman’s book, he represents many neurotribes.


It was from this deeper dive and the questions it rose that he was moved to become an advocate and self-advocate. He quickly realized that this would not be an easy journey, and one filled with misunderstanding and sometimes hostility. He encountered a consistent experience in work, as a student and dealing with any large institutional representative once his eyes were opened to the systemic barriers, personal biases and discrimination rooted in healthcare, education, industry, government and society at large.


In order to move forward, he would need to find a deep courage to move beyond misunderstanding and discrimination and remain focused on the needs of the larger neurodivergent community.  It was through this channeled pain and commitment that the seeds of NOMADS United were planted and flourished.