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To unite all neurodivergents worldwide in pursuit of common goals of mutual respect and support for our place in flourishing a society. Today, this includes recognition only (unfortunately) by our labels rooted in sickness and hatred such as ADHD, autism / Aspergers, dyslexia, dyscalculia and others. This, too, must change through consultation with and by us for us.


To abolish neurological slavery/genocide efforts and remove systemic barriers and others forms of structural violence aimed at neurodivergents, whether intentional or non-intentional forms of discrimination, that keep us from equally pursuing opportunities in work, education and social life. This includes full and equal acceptance, rights and inclusion in our differences. We also need compassion and healing of our disabling traumas from lifelong exposure to hostile environments.


To promote life-giving and transforming tools and supports for the development of our native abilities as neurodivergent into mastery.

Funding the Cause

We need your help to get this important work started right now!  Please see Donate Page or Contact Us for more details on how you can support social justice and a better economy for all!